It was time. I’ve redesigned the website, and I’ve started almost entirely from scratch.

I’ve kept a couple of my old blog pieces—thus the old dates—but they’ve been updated.

It took me well over a year to build this little site because I’ve been laying a great deal of groundwork. I have quite a few projects in the works, and I needed to figure out how they all tie together and how they could best be represented here.

I’ve been writing blog pieces for over two decades that have never been published because I have had a tendency to become inspired, write a draft, and then move on to the next idea without finishing. Many of these pieces are still as relevant as when I wrote them. So over the next…however long it takes…I intend to start editing and publishing those along with my new pieces.

What can I expect?

I’m very interested in creativity. I want to understand it. I study it, perpetually researching, and perpetually watching my own mind in the creative act and often writing about the process afterwards or even in real-time.

I believe there is nothing that can’t be improved with more actively creative minds. I believe a healthy mind is a creative mind. I believe creativity can help to piece together the floating threads of our lives that cause anxiety. Our creativity helps us sort through our struggles and create meaning.

I want to encourage more creativity. I want to help people open the floodgates of creative thought.

So I think I’ll mostly write about that.

How can I stay updated when you post new entries?

If you use an RSS reader, here’s the link to my RSS feed.

I recommend joining my mailing list, below. I promise I won’t abuse your email address or spam you. I’ll send you relevant updates and may occasionally send you something free, and I’ll never overdo it.

I’m not as good at keeping up with social media, but I’m going to do my best, so you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook if that’s your thing.

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