What Dane Is Up to Now

Travelogue Saga

20 years in the works, and now it’s getting close!

In 1999, I started working on a novel, but reached a point where I realized my ambition had exceeded my knowledge. I needed a better understanding of physics and philosophy to write this, so I enrolled at Western Kentucky University.

After school, I still felt I wasn’t ready, and dove back into studies and preparation. All the while, the story grew and evolved.

Until 5 years ago, when I finally realized it was time. Travelogue is 20 years in the works and 5 years in earnest development. I work on it every morning before I do anything else and every night before I go to bed, and a draft is nearing completion.

Creative Grimoire

I’ve been a lifelong student of creativity, as it’s my greatest fascination—the ability of a person to create new ideas from old ideas, sometimes revolutionizing aspects of human life. Besides that, creativity is at the heart of my stories.

So I decided to put my knowledge and explorations to paper and make a creativity blog and resource. You can read my writings about creativity (along with adjacent topics like writing) at CreativeGrimoire.com.

Along with the blog, I have plans for a number of tools and resources for creators.

Music Creation: The Mythos Cycle

I’m perpetually creating music, and sometimes I finish songs and release them.

I have a 5-album series in the works, though it will probably take years to finish. Still, I work on this a little bit every single day, and as I release songs, I’ll link to them here on the site on my Music page.

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