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A mythic existential adventure through madness and transcendence by a mind lost in the lonely outer reaches of consciousness.

A frail old man, tortured by grief and delusion, is dying a pitiful and horrifying death, and he is utterly alone. A demon pulls him downward as he desperately searches his memories for the key to escaping damnation.


Dane’s Journal

Novelists: Weave together a complex storyline using this strategy in Scrivener (free Scrivener template included)

Weaving together complex storylines can become overwhelming. This is a method I use to conquer overwhelm and ensure all characters have their own story.

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Speculative & historical fiction writing: the difficulty of getting into the minds of our characters

Writers don’t often consider philosophical anachronisms in speculative fiction. But doing so offers insights and deepens our characters. I’ll explain why.

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Making Art and Shaping Reality with Magic and Creativity

Magic is created every time we make art or live our lives creatively. How can we use magic to shift our experience and to create better, more creative art?

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The exhaustive guide to idea capture: the strategy I used to improve my creativity

Is there a single practice that can multiply creativity? For me it was a small shift in the way I captured my ideas. This shift was the single most transformative practice I've made a habit of. I'll explain...

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